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It’s been difficult to sell vapes here in the Philippines, due to COVID-19 striking in the country and causing many of its citizens to stay indoors and prevent human contact. Most of the vendors who sell vapes and other services for vape has resorted to online marketing to sell products

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Everything you wished for a vape pod is Kardinal Stick

Do you always want a small and style vape, that is easy to use and you can keep with you at all times? Do you want to get that rich juicy flavor of vape juices stirring down your taste buds and giving you that long-lasting sensation while staying healthy with no trouble at all?

  • KS Kurve

Kardinal Stick is now here in the Philippines!

There’s a lot of vape shops that can be found in the Philippines selling all different types of vapes and services to provide the customer's need for vape. Each shop has its unique trait of vape and service to give to the masses such as customer service, repairs, upgrades

  • Kardinal Stick Kurve

Kardinal Stick is an all in one vape pod

The Philippines has had a strong presence of smoking for a long time, ever since tobacco was first introduced during the Spanish colonization and up to today, we see many people smoking using all types of cigarettes