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Product Highlights

  • KARDINAL4 CHIPSET, 40% faster response
  • 12-LAYER MATRIX AIRWAY, leak-proof structure
  • The First Innovative 4-LAYER PLF CERAMIC, higher thermal efficiency, Puff up 15%
  • DOUBLE AIR INLET, smooth and stable airflow
  • DUST-FREE IMPURITY-FREE, auto clean by ultrasonic technology

Product Highlights

  • KARDINAL4 CHIPSET, 40% faster response
  • 12-LAYER MATRIX AIRWAY, leak-proof structure
  • The First Innovative 4-LAYER PLF CERAMIC, higher thermal efficiency, Puff up 15%
  • DOUBLE AIR INLET, smooth and stable airflow
  • DUST-FREE IMPURITY-FREE, auto clean by ultrasonic technology


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Advanced material aluminum alloy stamping has an excellent resistance  to marine and aviation atmosphere, giving you an optimal experience while traveling.


Consist of different varieties of juices from the sweetest taste you want to the sour and satisfying juice to make you wiggle with joy as it fills your mouth and longs with sensations of happiness and relief from all the stress around you.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Kardinal Stick?2021-07-25T19:25:11+07:00

Kardinal Stick is a next-generation e-cigarette pod system device that is easy to use and designed for adult smokers seeking an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

What makes Kardinal Stick unique?2021-07-25T19:28:16+07:00

To serve existing adult smokers, Kardinal Stick delivers high-quality nicotine salts formula with smart temperature regulation technology to heat the material to an optimum level of vaporization for efficient and satisfying nicotine delivery. Kardinal Stick also mirrors the simplicity that smokers are accustomed to, making the transition from smoking cigarettes almost seamless.

How do I get started with Kardinal Stick?2021-07-25T19:30:50+07:00

Make sure the device is fully charged before use. Remove the colored cap (top and bottom) from the KSpod and insert it into the Kardinal Stick device and gently inhale.


White Light

  • When you insert the pod (it will also vibrate which is a sign that it is inserted correctly)
  • Every draw from the device
  • Flashing white light when charging
  • Solid light when charging means it is ready to use (kindly unplug the device carefully)

Red Light

  • Low Battery

It is advisable to use the device that is not charging.

How do I turn on my Kardinal Stick?2021-07-25T19:31:37+07:00

No buttons or switches are required to turn on your Kardinal Stick device. Simply draw on the mouthpiece.

Do I have to clean my Kardinal Stick?2021-07-25T19:31:58+07:00

Kardinal Stick devices are easy to maintain. If condensation occurs, clean the charge contacts and inside the device with a cotton bud.

What is the best way to store a Kardinal Stick?2021-07-25T19:32:15+07:00

Don’t store a Kardinal Stick device for more than two weeks with an empty charge. It’s best to charge the device entirely and remove the KSpod before storage. As with all products containing nicotine, store the device out of reach of children and pets. Do not store the products under direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Can I take a Kardinal Stick on an airplane?2021-07-25T19:33:08+07:00

The Kardinal Stick is safe for travel, but use of vaporizers on airplanes are generally prohibited. Exposure to extreme altitude changes may cause small amounts of leakage in KSpods, especially if they’re partially used. You can still use a KSpod if some liquid escapes, but carefully wipe it off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting it into your device.

How to charge my KS Kurve Device?2021-07-25T19:33:54+07:00

To charge your Kardinal Stick device, plug in the USB Type-C charging cable into the device charging port.

Your Kardinal Stick device is charging when the LED lights pulse white. You’ll know your device is charged when the lights stop pulsing and is solid white. You can still charge a Kardinal Stick device with a KSpod inserted into the device, but it is not necessary.

How long does a charge last?2021-07-25T19:34:30+07:00

Depending on your use, a full charge will last about more than a day or as long as one KSpod.

How long should I charge my KS Kurve device?2021-07-25T19:35:37+07:00

KS Kurve battery has 450 mAh capacity with full speed of charging within 18 minutes (fully charged) and adapts to various mobile phone chargers.

  • Super Fast Charge with Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Technology – Charging efficiency increased by 62%
  • Overcharge and Overheat Protection
  • Perfect Fit USB Type C 
Can I overcharge the battery?2021-07-25T19:36:04+07:00

Kardinal Stick’s smart-charge technology is designed to reduce overcharging.

What does the device vibration mean?2021-07-25T19:36:57+07:00

KS Kurve has a vibration feature that indicates the following:

  • Pod Insertion
  • Health Over-Puffing Reminder: 12 puffs within 5 minutes (Make sure you do not overpuff, this is also to maintain the best taste)
How do I dispose of my Kardinal Stick device?2021-07-25T19:37:28+07:00

Kardinal Stick device should be treated as a consumer electronic device. Follow your city’s local recommendations for disposing of a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

How will I know when my KSpod is empty?2021-07-25T19:37:48+07:00

The KSpod is translucent and you can easily see if there is still an e-liquid left.

What are the flavors of the KS Pod?2021-07-27T11:06:48+07:00

The KS Pod comes in 10 flavors including:

COLA (Cooling: Lv. 2)
It’s SODArn good! A taste that brings you back to your good ol’ days

CLASSIC TOBACCO (Cooling: Lv. 0)
An outstanding and remarkable impact for every gust you take. A bittersweet taste that will make you excited.

MINT (Cooling: Lv. 3)
A refreshing feeling is what you’re longing for? Then it’s MINT to be with a sweet and cool sensation you’re never going to look for more.

BLUEBERRY (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Blueberry will bring out the berry best in you.

TARO (Cooling: Lv. 2)
A terrific feeling will go through you when you taste the sweet, creamy and nutty flavor of Taro

WATERMELON (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Summer vibes with watermelon, a juicy and frutiy feeling that will satisfy you

PINEAPPLE (Cooling: Lv. 2)
You’re gonna feel fine with pineapple. Sweet, tangy, and juicy. Need I say more?

LEMONADE (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Best of the zest, lemonade will aid your needs with it’s citrusy kick for evey whiff

LYCHEE (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Savor the sweetness of lychee in every moment

GRAPE (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Keep it juicy with the greatness of grapes

And also recently released the latest flavor that is popular ‘CHOCOMINT’ as well.

CHOCOMINT (Cooling: Lv. 2)
Want something exciting? Bring out your inner child but want to spice things up? Chocolate? Mint? A taste of your favorite sweet chocolate and hint of refreshing mint in one.

Where do I contact if I want to inquire about the product?2021-07-27T17:08:08+07:00

You can find information about the KS Kurve device & pod at
???? kardinalstick.ph/kurve-product-brand/

And can contact our Admin team to order products and take care of warranty and product claims at
???? m.me/KardinalStickShopPH

What are the highlights of KS Kurve?2021-07-27T17:19:07+07:00

Product Highlights

  • KARDINAL4 CHIPSET, 40% faster response
  • 12-LAYER MATRIX AIRWAY, leak-proof structure
  • The First Innovative 4-LAYER PLF CERAMIC, higher thermal efficiency, Puff up 15%
  • DOUBLE AIR INLET, smooth and stable airflow
  • DUST-FREE IMPURITY-FREE, auto clean by ultrasonic technology.
I would like to know the specs of the KS Kurve.2021-07-27T17:20:53+07:00

Technical Spec

  • Size : 112.5 x 20.5 x 12 mm.
  • Battery capacity: 450 mAh
  • Charging time: 18 minutes* full charge (for 24 hours use)
  • Charging type: USB Type-C (super-fast charging)
  • Total weight: 27 g. (devices 20 g. and Pod 7 g.)
  • Wire resistance: 1.0-1.2 ohms.
  • Pod capacity: 2.1 ml. (vape to 300 – 450 puff)
  • Ingredients: Glycerol, Propylene glycol, Flavoring, Nicotine.
  • Capability: Flavor, looks, and stability are all superior to the previous model.
How long is the warranty period for the product?2021-07-27T17:22:01+07:00

Kardinal Stick devices come with a “Lifetime Warranty” and Kardinal Stick Pods come with a “Limited Warranty” within three (3) months from the date of retail purchase from www.kardinalstick.ph or from an Authorized Philippine Kardinal Stick Retailer by a person at least 18 years old.

Kardinal Stick Philippines only warrants the device against defects in materials and workmanship that arise under normal conditions and use.


  • Not charging
  • Not functioning properly (ex. No Led Light, No vibration, not producing vapor, etc)


  • Leaks and cracks from the manufacturer or from transportation only. It does not cover dropping, water damage, or any other accidents.
  • No vapor upon usage
What is the KS Kurve Pod?2021-07-27T19:16:11+07:00

Kardinal Stick Kurve Pods – A touch of smell and a new taste that should be tasted.

Advanced Ceramic Atomization

  • Made from FDA approved food grade materials with advanced ceramic atomization, KSpod delivers the most clean and satisfying flavours with efficient nicotine delivery unlike any other.



  • Higher thermal efficency Puffs up 15%


  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology


  • Make flavor more juicy and smooth
How to order with KardinalStickPH.com?2021-07-27T19:19:22+07:00

1. Customers can contact to place an order by sending a message via the ‘Order Here!’ button at the bottom right corner of the web page.

2. Customers can contact to order products at facebook.com/KardinalStickShopPH

If this is my first time ordering a Kardinal Stick, what should I order?2021-07-27T19:18:15+07:00

If you are a beginner to the Kardinal Stick, we recommend the Starter Kit. We offer the device in four colors: Jet Black, Pacific Blue, Red, and Champagne Gold. And in addition, KS Kurve is also launched with pods in 10 flavors, you can choose the flavor you like or choose from the cold level. COLA (Cooling: Lv. 2), CLASSIC TOBACCO (Cooling: Lv. 0), MINT (Cooling: Lv. 3), BLUEBERRY (Cooling: Lv. 2), TARO (Cooling: Lv. 2), WATERMELON (Cooling: Lv. 2), PINEAPPLE (Cooling: Lv. 2), LEMONADE (Cooling: Lv. 2), LYCHEE (Cooling: Lv. 2), and GRAPE (Cooling: Lv. 2) And special for the Philippines, we open a new flavor, CHOCOMINT, along with the first 10 flavors.

What is NOT covered by the warranty?2021-07-27T19:59:05+07:00

KS Charging Cable (included in the Basic Kits);

  1. Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or other external causes;
  2. Damage caused by the device being exposed to or coming in contact with moisture (e.g., liquids, water, or rain, extreme humidity, unusual heavy perspiration or other moisture), or extreme thermal or environment conditions (e.g., sand, food, dirt or similar substances);
  3. Damage caused by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use as described by Kardinal Industries in the device documentation;
  4. Damage caused by modification to alter functionality or capability;
  5. Damage ( 1 ) attributable to accessories or attachments not authorized or recommended by Kardinal Industries or ( 2 ) attributable to accessories or attachments authorized or recommended by Kardinal Industries but the usage of those accessories or attachments was outside of normal or recommended use;
  6. Cosmetic damage occurring through wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastics;
  7. Any device where the serial number has been tampered with, erased or obscured, or is not genuine;
  8. Normal performance degradation of batteries (please contact Kardinal Industries Support Team for more information on battery degradation);
  9. Damage caused by opening, disassembling or tampering with your device in any way; and
  10. Devices purchased from unauthorized retailers.
What’s in our e-liquid?2021-07-27T21:48:18+07:00


A colourless, odourless ingredients commonly found in drink mixes, soft drinks, fast foods, bread, dairy products and other household consumables.


A hypoallergenic ingredient used as a sweetener, and texture enhancer commonly used in foods.


KSpods flavours consist of both naturally occurring and artificial flavour ingredients which provides the specific taste profile for each flavour.


Despite common misconceptions, nicotine is not a carcinogen or causes cancer. Nicotine is a stimulant that comes from the tobacco plant. We use highly purified / USP grade / pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Once I have received the KS Kurve device and pod, how do I start using it?2021-07-27T21:50:38+07:00
  1. Remove pod cap and insert pod into device (the mouthpiece). Keep pods sealed until ready to be used.
  2. Make sure KS device is fully charged before use. It only takes 40-60 minutes for a full charge, which will be notified by the white light. The device requires no button to turn it on.
  3. Gently take small puffs to get a feel for the vapor, then ease into inhaling. If it feels too harsh, try inhaling less.
Where can I check promotional information?2021-08-02T19:09:39+07:00

You can find information about promotion at

???? facebook.com/KardinalStickShopPH

What’s inside the Basic Kit box?2021-08-02T19:10:28+07:00

KS Kurve Basic Kit for new users Packed in an elegant box. The box contains a KS Kurve Device (body) and a Type-C charging cable (Super Fast Charge 18 minutes).

And in addition, you will also get a Lifetime warranty on the product.

Why switch to the Kardinal Stick?2021-08-02T19:11:01+07:00

Because Kardinal Stick is a helper to help users have a better personality, reduce odor, reduce smoke, reduce harm, reduce carcinogens that enter the body. Easy to adjust to quit smoking. So that most users guarantee the best smoke It also conveys the taste with a uniquely beautiful design and a Pod system that uses a method to change the Pod to contain a new liquid every time. Help maintain the quality of the liquid well. and provide convenience, cleanliness, no need to add fussy care steps like the old model

What is the real user experience?2021-08-02T19:12:06+07:00

Over 90% of users are satisfied with the quality and design of the Kardinal Stick. The result of using the product also reduces family relationship problems and have a better personality. It’s also cost-effective in the long run. Just buying a device only once because it is durable use a rechargeable battery system. No waste of batteries and Pod liquid can be used continuously for longer without problems or fuss.

Do I need to purchase additional Kardinal Stick accessories?2021-08-02T19:32:23+07:00

For new users in the Starter Set, which is packed in an elegant box. Can be given as a premium gift. It will consist of Device, Pod (liquid), 1 Type-C charging cable. No need to buy anything more. No need to stock up on spare parts to keep changing. And you can choose to add your favorite scented liquid as you like.


Interesting facts about KS Kurve Kardinal Stick products

  • Kardinal Stick

KS SHOP PH is your one stop shop for Kardinal Stick products

It’s been difficult to sell vapes here in the Philippines, due to COVID-19 striking in the country and causing many of its citizens to stay indoors and prevent human contact. Most of the vendors who sell vapes and other services for vape has resorted to online marketing to sell products

  • KS Kurve

Everything you wished for a vape pod is Kardinal Stick

Do you always want a small and style vape, that is easy to use and you can keep with you at all times? Do you want to get that rich juicy flavor of vape juices stirring down your taste buds and giving you that long-lasting sensation while staying healthy with no trouble at all?

  • KS Kurve

Kardinal Stick is now here in the Philippines!

There’s a lot of vape shops that can be found in the Philippines selling all different types of vapes and services to provide the customer's need for vape. Each shop has its unique trait of vape and service to give to the masses such as customer service, repairs, upgrades

  • Kardinal Stick Kurve

Kardinal Stick is an all in one vape pod

The Philippines has had a strong presence of smoking for a long time, ever since tobacco was first introduced during the Spanish colonization and up to today, we see many people smoking using all types of cigarettes

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